Why is my order still unconfirmed even after I paid?




  • Anton Grachev
  • Lien Tran

    My order is 0012017061000475

    I have the same problem.

    Please check it for me

  • Edisher Jikia

    HI all .Everything done well... Thank BITMAIN TEAM for good job. Best Regards


  • Gauravastar

    Hello bitmain,
    I ordered 3 miners and paid within the limit. But after 3 hours my order is showing expired.
    Order ID: 0012017081100375
    Date: 2017-08-11 03:04:38
    Total: 1.33436788 BTC
    Payment method: Bitcoin Payment

    Address of payment: 13JtUnnhu8ypSoDT1mKJA6iWQA5YVq8s8v

    Transaction id:- b0f1f41fc95d474e24bea39f0ebafc59d5808d855e63f8b96b2146d2ccaf8b67.

    My transaction got 36 confirmations, but still my order is expired. Please mention my product as paid and valid.

    Please find the attached proof of payment.

    Thank you

  • james moyer

    I'm showing verified, yet unpaid. Proof of payment for order:0012017081106272




    Thank You!  ;)

  • Narongrit Ka

    Hi Bitmain,

    I have already made the payment for Order ID: 0012017071500052

    Please find attached the payment order for L3+

    we no confirmation email of payment from bitmain.

    Thank you in advance. I look forward to your response.


  • Simon De Wet

    My order was paid 24hours ago via btc.  I have sent the proof of payment 4 times already!!!!!  5 mins after i ordered i paid.  Now its expired and says not paid.  What is going on??????  Order ID:0012017081601467

  • Konstantin Igoshev

    I have the same problem.

    I paid the order 0012017011300207 (2017-01-13) before the corresponding time and did not appear as paid.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Любомир Киселов

    MY ORDER has been paid before 20 days I got reply that they are checking it 8 days ago and since then not even replying on my tickets. ... I feel fooled. ..

  • Lutfi Sun

    Please update my order: 0012017081105327

    I paid immediately!

  • Gogoladzegm

    Order 0012017062200868 I am waiting for cancel and refund for more then a week already, no answer, no actions, I created multiple requests for this simple issue. I haven't even imagined that this might be such a big problem especially for Bitmatin, especially considering incredible demand for the products. Pay attention for my request already, I have read terms and rules, I know I have full rights to request cancel and refund, but there is no word about support team that doesn't answer for a weeks. It's business, not some child game.


    If someone is interested in Antminer S9, I am going to cancel my order so if you need it you can contact me: gogoladzegm@gmail.com and we may figure out how to change destination to yours. No markup or any that thing, same price what I have paid, no more no less.

  • mohdfaisalkhamli

    Feel sorry for you Greyworld. I hope you are not giving up to follow up. You can try to open new ticket instead of reply to the same ticket. Or maybe you can give them a call. Find whatever way you can. I hope your problem will resolve.

  • Pavlo Kovalchuk

    I paid for an order but not received confirmation 0012017060600175

    sender name,: Andriy Volyanyk

    Please see the confirmation from the bank

  • rkuroodi

    My order 0012017050200230, has finally been confirmed today, May 10th. I paid via USD wire transfer and it took them 8 days in total to comfirm that they have received the payment! I am posting this to let others know what to expect.

  • Edmon Uyan


    As stated in their signature : "Solved" means we replied - we still work on your issue until it is resolved.

    I agree with your sentiments, same situation here. But i would suggest that you keep posting a new ticket if you feel that your concern is slipping into seemingly getting disregarded. Just follow the original format you did, that way all references will be there and there will not be a back-and-forth exchange of message.

    Just an advise, please remain polite and patient. They have our money. Doing legal actions will potentially harm all of us paying customers too not seeking legal actions.

    Unfortunately, their customer support lacks manpower bigtime and they only answer 1 ticket a day (with the current amount of tickets they are getting).

    Take it from me, i got my tickets' subject changed to : 

    • Antminer D3 here at 11 AM tomorrow
    • Releasing a New Batch of Antminer D3 Tomorrow (16 August)
    • paid and arrived
    • bank account name

    But regardless, i still post them a new ticket (or reply an update with the relevant details - stated above) just to keep them informed.

    Basically, they just need to be reminded of the details.

  • Vthanh Info

    I paid the bill 0012017061600481 with 41,235 LTC as soon as I ordered, why Bitmain not confirming to me. Now, the order has been expired.

  • Damon016

    Same issue here. I sent wire and NO ONE has confirmed my order!

  • mohdfaisalkhamli

    I have made the payment on time last week on 2017-08-03.
    Bitcoin Payment has already sent last Thursday but my order status still appear unpaid and expired. Could you kindly update what is my order status. It is been a week now but my order still unpaid.

    Blockchain shows that my payment has had 1199 confirmations at the time of writing this message. That means it is safe to assume my Bitcoin has arrived at the given Bitcoin address by Bitmain when I placed the order.

    Kindly update my order status. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please contact me for the completed details.

    Best Regards,

     ***update 14/08/2017

    My status of Bitcoin Payment is change to PAID. It takes 11 days to become PAID. Dont worry your payment will get updated and it will takes times to get through. Please submit a ticket and be patience.

    Thank You Bitmain.

  • Boyadis

    Ich habe die bezahlung sofort gemacht Ich war schnell genug einer der ersten und Ja ich habe es mit btc bezahlt ภาษาไทยผมก็บอกไปแลัวว่าผมจ้ายแลัวเลยรอ confirmation email อยู่ครับ


  • Samkharadzelasha
    SamkharadzelashaToday at 13:11

    my Order ID:is 0012017070800632 i has paid money second day after reservation. still is expired writen in my account by attaching file i send you bank papers everything is correct. , please check it again and write me why is not paid in my order list.

  • thanasak

    I paid for the order no. 0012017060200271 and already provided that fund transfer slip.

    After that I did not get any confirmation back from BITMAIN. 

    Today, the order has been expired!!! What is happening with the BITMAIN payment process?

  • Pierson Augustin


    Order ID:0012017080303550 paid with proof uploaded 1 week ago and yet no confirmation of my order !

    ******** Amount : 16446.67 USD ********

    Please could you confirm it asap, it was supposed to be validated for the 15-25 Oct batch !


  • Patchara Kaichalitpong

    My Oder ID is 0012017080202237 i have the same problem. I did the payment method in time but my oder still Unpaid and now it sitll Expired.

    This is the poof of my payment you can check it form your bank account.  

  • iTester

    my order id is and payment transaction ref as below

    Payment Transaction Reference

    • Transaction Reference Number: 18715990465
    • DATE: 09 May 2017 02:04 PM (GMT+8)

    Order Details

    • ORDER ID: 0012017050900088
    • DATE: 2017-05-09 04:28:26


  • Caseytaylordotcom

    I sent payment 18 days ago and still haven't received any confirmation.  I have written them via email, twitter, and facebook but still nothing.  I would be hesitant in dealing with this company in the future.  I consider that money to be lost and will be ordering from somewhere else.

  • Sti4ven

    I paid  using BTC and the payment was confirmed within 30 minutes. But now the order's status shows Unpaid and Expired! Check out this issue please.

    Order ID:0012017081104126


    Order ID:0012017081105390


  • Greyworld

    my order id is 0012017070502618, I sent payment 6 days ago and now my order is marked 'expired' but no payment has been confirmed yet. 

    [ EDIT - UPDATE ] - My payment was confirmed, but it took a while (roughly 5 weeks).  Thanks Bitmain support for helping me get this sorted out.

  • albertonieviv
  • Edmon Uyan

    They do change the title of the subject of your ticket and they seem to be sending message templates INCLUDING upcoming sales, which is somewhat wrong timing especially if you expect an update of your payment. As mohdfaisalkhamli mentioned, just open up a new ticket.

    If you feel that your previous ticket was ignored, create a new one again and again with the same format.

    State the following in this order:


    Subject : Order ID and items ordered



    Bank Sender Name / BTC blockchain confirmation

    Bank Reference Number

    Transaction Date

    Amount paid (in BTC / USD)

    Attach your Transfer of Proof in the ticket via blockchain screenshot or SWIFT CODE.

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