Why is my order still unconfirmed even after I paid?




  • itoredan

    I provided proof but my order has not been confirmed

  • itoredan

    order id 0012016062000084

  • ozzysosa

    I have the same problem. 

    I paid the order 0012016062500051 (2016-06-25) before the corresponding time and did not appear as paid.


    Thanks in advance.



    I have the same problem order ID  0012016101000102

  • Konstantin Igoshev

    I have the same problem.

    I paid the order 0012017011300207 (2017-01-13) before the corresponding time and did not appear as paid.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Sergey

    I got the same problem with order 0012017011300137

  • gabriel

    Hello i paid my order and i didnt reciece cnonfirmation or response. Mi order is 0012017011900119 please contact me for support. regards

  • Mmakam2

    My order 0012017012400279, is also not showing as confirmed and I paid it, the btc transaction has 14 confirmations..



  • Gary Morris

    Same issue here, it's been an hour now. That's a lot of money to have floating around

  • Mmakam2

    They had told everyone they aren't releasing s9s after chinese new year, and all of a sudden they drop it. Somehow they aren't in the office still, it doesn't make sense.

  • Gary Morris

    I wasn't expecting shipment till after the holiday but payment confirmation would be nice. Hopefully one poor sucker has to work just to click OK

  • Steven Melton

    I was told the same and not being shipped till FEB 20th?!  Following a drop in Bitcoin Price. No longer excepting US Bank Wire. No Thank You Something is Fishy. I really dont like the 1 month shipping date. Are they cleaning everyone out for a month? Do they need the money to build them? They should not. I would use some common sense. Scared me off.

  • Jeffrey Butts

    Yes, I agree that it would be nice to get payment confirmation.  I have been waiting 12 hours after sending BTC. This is my first order and I am nervous they will sell out and the bitcoin will come back or something.  I'm excited to get one, even if it's later than we would like.  We have to respect their culture.

  • Fernando Gago

    Hi, I provided the proof of transfer but my order has not been confirmed, i need to know why

  • Andy NIU

    We will reply in ticket and please kindly check.

  • rkuroodi

    I have the same issue order number 0012017050200230. Payment sent on May 2nd. Still not confirmed. I will post another comment once they confirm it.

  • guahos

    My order ID is 0012017050400247, I've payed it on May 4th, but also my payment is still unconfirmed.

  • iTester

    my order id is and payment transaction ref as below

    Payment Transaction Reference

    • Transaction Reference Number: 18715990465
    • DATE: 09 May 2017 02:04 PM (GMT+8)

    Order Details

    • ORDER ID: 0012017050900088
    • DATE: 2017-05-09 04:28:26


  • rkuroodi

    My order 0012017050200230, has finally been confirmed today, May 10th. I paid via USD wire transfer and it took them 8 days in total to comfirm that they have received the payment! I am posting this to let others know what to expect.

  • Lali Svanidze

    Dear All,

    I' have transferred required amount according to ORDER No. 0012017051000163, when I get Payment Confirmation?



  • santosrmariai

    Good day, I am trying to pay my order by transfer, but I have a problem, my bank (COMMERCEBANK) does not allow me to place the beneficiary's full name "BITMAIN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED" only has space to place "BITMAIN TECHNOLOGIES". Does this bring any problem in the transaction?

  • ajison3

    @ Santosrmariai I have the same problem when I tried to use "BITMAIN BITMAIN and transaction left my bank 2 days later the Customer Rep said she sees the money but the name was not correct and that was a problem. Kindly confirm from them or use BTC

  • Recomatrix117

    I made my order on Wednesday May 11th and paid by wire transfer on Thursday May 12 and now today in Monday and I see my order status as expired. Why is that and is this normal ? It hasn't been 5 business days as yet. ID 0012017051100381

  • Pavlo Kovalchuk

    Order 0012017053100231 

    ID SWIFT PAY: SW24H531O88905
    1326.93 USD


    Please Confirm

  • Любомир Киселов

    The amount was paid by me 26 of may.I have attached the documents from the bank and I don't have any reply . Is it just me ???

  • Pavlo Kovalchuk

    No, I have the same problem

  • thanasak

    I paid for the order no. 0012017060200271 and already provided that fund transfer slip.

    After that I did not get any confirmation back from BITMAIN. 

    Today, the order has been expired!!! What is happening with the BITMAIN payment process?

  • mauro balbuzano

    I made the payment of my order number 0012017052400487,   11 days ago and I still have not received the confirmation email of payment from you, I have written several mail, I have generated tickets and I have not received any response

  • Omar Armenteros

    Same here. Is there a problem?

  • ajpalm1992

    my order id:0012017060700660 is paid as well, no confirmation email of payment from bitmain.

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