Why is my order still unconfirmed even after I paid?




  • Simon De Wet

    My order was paid 24hours ago via btc.  I have sent the proof of payment 4 times already!!!!!  5 mins after i ordered i paid.  Now its expired and says not paid.  What is going on??????  Order ID:0012017081601467

  • Henry Le

    I'm not so sure about bank transfer, but I paid by BTC. At first, both of my orders were expired and unpaid for about 5 days. Then both were paid but still expired. Then I was waiting for about 4 more days and suddenly orders became valid, paid, just unshipped. So I'm guessing it may take for a while for your orders to be updated. I haven't dealt with bank transfer before, but I would think it'd better for you to send payment by BTC. The reason is if you pay by bank transfer, there are tons of info you need to fill out, vs. By BTC, you just need to scan the QR code and all info is populated. I hope this personal experience of mine helps some folks out there feel a bit better. Chances are payment is not lost. Bitmain system just needs sometime to update the massive payment data that got dumped into it.

  • Cristianromania


    I have payd now almost 2 weeks ago!

    My Order ID is:0012017080203168.

    I have send all the neccesary proof but still nothing!

    I am very affraid that this company did not pay attention to the customers!

    I have send many emails,many tickets ,I sent the bank proof that I paid,I send the print screen ,I send the money order from my bank and SWIFT nr, but without any result from Bitmain. They didn't answer to any mails or tickets.

    I realy don't know what should I do? It is possibile that Bitmain to receive the money from me and then not to honor the order? Is possibile to cheat us?

    Keep sending mails ,or what??

  • Edmon Uyan

    I am sorry on what you are going through, I felt the same experience and it was really hard. Try to open a ticket.

  • cmea32

    @Greyworld, so what happened? did Bitmain just ignore you and take your money? Did you try anything to get your money back?

  • cmea32
    • @Cristianromania, I paid nearly 6 weeks ago and still haven't had my payment confirmed, iv opened tickets stating my order id senders name, bank transfer receipt ect.. but the reply's i get (maybe once every 2-3 weeks) are stranded, generic and automated, they dont even read the content of your ticket to see that you have provided the information to your order so it can be confirmed. I have also been in contact with my back and they confirmed that the wire to BItmain was successful, and that my money is now in Bimain's bank account, but what good is that when Bitmain wont confirm payment of your order. I feel the same as you, im not sure what to do now as well. This has caused a lot of stress.

  • optlasuta

    I paid with LTC but my order appears to be stuck at Paying/Expired and it wasn't confirmed. Anyone seen this before?

  • Cristianromania

    Everione has some problem!

    Bitmain is the worse company ever!

  • Edmon Uyan

    Just FYI guys. When i logged into my bitmain account, i was greeted with this message: PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS AND 2-FACTOR AUTH CODES ASAP!


    Security Notice


    Dear users

          Because one of our old server has been compromised, part of important account security information has been leaked (includes: properly encrypted password, user email, user phone, etc). Even through the encryption is very strong, we still strongly recommend you change your account password AND google auth.

          As for now, a thorough investigation and evaluation was carried out, the core service systems have been checked carefully one by one, no more threat was found. Your account is still safe after this update.

          Any other accounts use the same password should also be updated.

          We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Asadullah G Khan

    my order Order ID:0012017081701214     is paid as well no confirmation email of payment from BITMAIN after 5 days

  • michael sparshott

    order number: 0012017080304705


    have opened 2 tickets now and havent got a response for 6 days when i have they are clearly automated telling me there are problems with the btc wallet and i have explained 5 times i paid via usd wire transfer and now no response.  order was paid on the 5th of august  so has now been 17 days order is showing as paying but expired and i am not getting any response what is going on?? you have $17000 of my money and i dont know where it as and no body can be bothered to read my ticket or reply to it with anything that makes any sense!

  • Mohammed Abouhaiba

    still my order not yet confirmed although i paid since 19/8/2017


    order ID: 0012017081900041

  • cmea32

    7 weeks still waiting for my payment to approve!! 

    Order ID:0012017070601482

    I have given all information asked in the automated ticket response only to wait another 1-2 weeks for another automated reply asking for the same information i have already provided. I dont know what to do if no one from Bitmain reads your tickets so they can approve your payment. Is there anyone else that waited longer than 7 weeks for there payment to be approved? What do i do?

  • Charintorn Tassaniyom

    @cmea32 7 Weeks ???? for me is 2 week talking with robot name "Juliana Mei"
    She's don't even care what customer problem is not even look into my transfer proof

    Is she really from Oxford ????
    Damn i'm customer not beggar

    amount of money is not ez for me to find it in few month
    if my money gone like this i'll have to visit to Bitmain office in Hong Kong

  • Cristianromania

    Hello to everyone!
    I have sent to Bitmain two hash boards from an S9 antminer to fix them.
    After about a month they received the pack and appeared on their site status:collected.  The cost of reparation was 59.52 USD . I have wire from my bank account this ammount and nothing since then. It still apper noy paid (status:paying....). I have send the money order and SWIFT bank to proof that I paid,but unfortunate still nothing! My Order ID:0012017080203168
    No one checks payments there? They do not have a financial compartment to check? Six weeks have elapsed since I paid and status is still:UNPAID!
    I need the two hash boards. What should I do?

  • mohdfaisalkhamli


    Do they have payment option for bitcoin? So that you can pay them using bitcoin for the repair?

  • Hasannimer59



  • Cristianromania

    Here is the proof that I have paid the Order ID:0012017081801272.
    I ask Bitmain to go to https://chain.so/ and search for my Litecoin address:LV4uePGqvjmnzFwtuSQnt572HAntp6zkf2
    They will see that is "CONFIRMED": at Aug 18, 2017 at 01:04.

    So ,it's so easy to verify ,but unfortunate they don't want to do this.
    They just ask us to send the LTC to their address and that's it! They have cheated us knowing that we can't make anything to recover the money.
    This means to deal with Bitmain!

    From now on stay away from this company!

  • cmea32

    8 weeks and still waiting for payment conformation! Order ID:0012017070601482

    It's been 8 weeks since i wire transfered to Bitmain and im still waiting for payment conformation. I have opened tickets with support, I have given all information asked for in the automated ticket response ie. Order Id, Bank account name, Senders Name, amount transfered and wire transfer bank receipt, only to wait another 1-2 weeks for another automated reply asking for the same information i have already provided. I have spoken to my bank and they said the wire transfer into Bitmain's bank account was successful. I dont know what to do if no one from Bitmain reads your replys to your tickets so they can approve your payment. Is there anyone else that waited longer than 8 weeks for there payment to be approved? My order is meant to be shipping out between the 21st - 23rd of September, but i can't see that happening if my payment doesn't get confimed. Has Bitmain taken my money??  What do i do?

  • Cristianromania

    Hello to everyone!

    I refer at order ID:0012017080203168

    I have send two hash board to repare now two mounths ago to Bitmain.

    I want to know why in my account on Bitmain site, it says: "Paid At Destination".
    I have paid and I have sent the proof of payment from my bank.
    Now, I see that at Shipping Cost it said: Paid At Destination.

    That means that I should pay again the amount when the parts will arrive to me??
    It's not fair! I have paid and Bitmain had receive my payment! My bank has confirm this!

    Why do they ask me to pay again?
    This is very frustrating, but we talk about ...... Bitmain! So, take it or leave it!

    I will attach here again the payment proof. Perhaps someone from Bitmain will read this complain.....who knows??

  • optlasuta

    Hello everyone, 

    I also have a problem with the payment and asked for more info on the issue from the bitcointalk forum; apparently these kind of problems are often but they are resolved eventually, so hang on, be patient and ask for assistance by opening a ticket on their customer support if needed.

    I'm still waiting for my order to be confirmed, but I'm confident that it will be properly handled after I received the answer from customer support.

  • Malkhaz Kobakhidze

    I have payed Order ID:0012017082402373 by LTC 1 week ago. Payment was made within 20 min after order was placed, Payment is confirmed 3,081 times (tr. ID: c59b3cff79dcec3eff2358e5c9b0b32e2523c0fb83afb556698539502e4120ad)

    Status still is "Paying.

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