Why is my order still unconfirmed even after I paid?




  • Edmon Uyan

    guys, please avoid posting personal transaction details here!


    instead, please open a ticket here : https://bitmainhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


    you may check the status of your opened tickets here : https://bitmainhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests

  • Kolega100

    Hey guys, i placed beneficiary name as: BITMAIN instead of BITMAIN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED what should i do now???

    From ticked i get answer i should contact with my bank to make correction i'm afraid that china bank can send me USD back.


    What to do?? 

  • Edmon Uyan

    I think banks can do correction even after you submit. What is important is the account number of the recipient's swift code is correct.

  • Jesse Sunday

    Please update my order "0012017081101820" - I paid immediately with BTC and it's been confirmed.

  • Volk71

    I have the same issue, and based on the number of similar issues by other customers I am getting increasingly nervous.

    Please confirm payment receipt ASAP for Order ID:0012017081106593


    Please update my order "0012017081103293" - I paid immediately .

    Please update my order "0012017081104499" - I paid immediately .

  • Lutfi Sun

    Please update my order: 0012017081105327

    I paid immediately!

  • Lutfi Sun

    Please update my order: 0012017081105707

    Please update my order: 0012017081106315

    I paid immediately!

  • Andrej

    My order ID: 0012017081102131.

    I paid immediately. My TXID is fa5227c5ac247fd8599ef92f93b0064627593fa4b582851911ee6307b344cae3

    Please update my order on paid. 

    Thank you.


  • Boyadis
    • Order ID: 0012017081103458
    • Date: 2017-08-11
    • Total: 0.44003916 BTC
    • Payment method: Bitcoin Payment
    • Order ID: 0012017081107067
    • Date: 2017-08-11
    • Total: 0.03935787 BTC
    • Payment method: Bitcoin Payment
    please comfirm my payment 
    update my order on paid
    Thank you
  • Boyadis

    Ich habe die bezahlung sofort gemacht Ich war schnell genug einer der ersten und Ja ich habe es mit btc bezahlt ภาษาไทยผมก็บอกไปแลัวว่าผมจ้ายแลัวเลยรอ confirmation email อยู่ครับ


  • mohdfaisalkhamli


    My status of Bitcoin Payment just changed to PAID. It takes 11 days to become PAID. Dont worry your payment will get updated and it will takes times to get through. Please submit a ticket and be patience.

    My advice dont sent your order details here. Submit a ticket.

    Thank You Bitmain.

  • Lutfi Sun

    Order ID:0012017081103639

    paid immediately. Please update asap

  • Kristina

    Please update my order "0012017081101920" - I paid immediately with BTC and it's been confirmed.

  • cmea32

    ORDER ID: 0012017070601482 




  • Edmon Uyan

    @all: please create a ticket in this link below:



    you may track its progress here:


    posts here are not confidential and are not being checked by bitmain customer support.

  • Edmon Uyan

    Juliana updated me that my payment was finally found.

    They will update me after 7 days (not sure if it includes weekends).

    This is Juliana's reminder though when paying via Bank:

    please do not forget to write down the order ID when you pay us next time,if you write,please make sure the bank won’t miss the info when bank transfer your money to us,very important.

  • Greyworld

    Problem fixed.  Thanks Bitmain!

  • mohdfaisalkhamli

    Feel sorry for you Greyworld. I hope you are not giving up to follow up. You can try to open new ticket instead of reply to the same ticket. Or maybe you can give them a call. Find whatever way you can. I hope your problem will resolve.

  • Greyworld

    Thank you mohdfaisalkhamli.To anyone else considering legal action against Bitmain, here is the relevant link to open a small claims case in Hong Kong:http://www.judiciary.hk/en/crt_services/pphlt/html/sc.htm

  • Edmon Uyan

    They do change the title of the subject of your ticket and they seem to be sending message templates INCLUDING upcoming sales, which is somewhat wrong timing especially if you expect an update of your payment. As mohdfaisalkhamli mentioned, just open up a new ticket.

    If you feel that your previous ticket was ignored, create a new one again and again with the same format.

    State the following in this order:


    Subject : Order ID and items ordered



    Bank Sender Name / BTC blockchain confirmation

    Bank Reference Number

    Transaction Date

    Amount paid (in BTC / USD)

    Attach your Transfer of Proof in the ticket via blockchain screenshot or SWIFT CODE.

  • Edmon Uyan


    As stated in their signature : "Solved" means we replied - we still work on your issue until it is resolved.

    I agree with your sentiments, same situation here. But i would suggest that you keep posting a new ticket if you feel that your concern is slipping into seemingly getting disregarded. Just follow the original format you did, that way all references will be there and there will not be a back-and-forth exchange of message.

    Just an advise, please remain polite and patient. They have our money. Doing legal actions will potentially harm all of us paying customers too not seeking legal actions.

    Unfortunately, their customer support lacks manpower bigtime and they only answer 1 ticket a day (with the current amount of tickets they are getting).

    Take it from me, i got my tickets' subject changed to : 

    • Antminer D3 here at 11 AM tomorrow
    • Releasing a New Batch of Antminer D3 Tomorrow (16 August)
    • paid and arrived
    • bank account name

    But regardless, i still post them a new ticket (or reply an update with the relevant details - stated above) just to keep them informed.

    Basically, they just need to be reminded of the details.

  • Edmon Uyan

    Just now, i saw both my orders status (2 separate orders done in separate dates) updated to PAYING.

    There's hope still, give them a chance.

  • Greyworld

    Edmon Uyan:

    We all wasted our money.  Bitmain robbed us.  Even if they do eventually ship a product, it will probably be faulty.

    There is a reason they require payment in the form of 'throw your money down this one-way hole'.  They know they're robbing people, that's why the system is designed the way it is.

    Their actions could have a serious detriment to the long term value and stability of Bitcoin.  Who knows what other manner of fraud they are engaged in.  Ever notice how their mining pool doesn't let you establish a payout thresh-hold, so every day you end up with a few cents worth sent to you?  That means if you try to use that bitcoin later, you'll pay astronomically higher transfer costs.... Transfer costs which go directly in Bitmains pocket, because except for PPS+, they don't actually share any of that with the miners.  That's no accident.

    They are a predatorial, fraudulent gang of crooks on every level.  Legal action should be initiated by everyone involved immediately.  That is the only thing that will 'remind them of the details'.

  • mohdfaisalkhamli

    Try this hotline. Maybe it could help.

  • Edmon Uyan

    You may try to reach them out via their twitter and facebook accounts as well.

  • Greyworld

    Thanks for the suggestions, they won't fix anything though.  Bitmain knows they're crooks, telling them they're crooks won't change a damn thing.  They expected as much when they started robbing people.

    The whole things got me depressed.  Mining Bitcoin was my last ditch effort to try to pull my life out of the gutter.  Now I owe the bank money for a miner I don't have and won't get, I have no income and I'm tired of being a burden to my family.

  • Phong Farmfone

    Hi there

    today i buy one D3 price 1450$ and i pay buy BTC . I already send BTC to your address but until now statut still unpaid.... my order ID ; 0012017081602603. Please check that again and confirm it for me.... reply me soon buy via email phong.farmfone@gmail.com

    thanks and best regards

  • Edmon Uyan

    My payment status is now 'PAID'. Thank you bitmain!

  • Minht Dieu

    Same for me my order number is 0012017080302059   i paid with in 12 hr of purchase  , and submitted Proof the same day and my order is still expired  i am very worried about this i try to reach out by submitting ticket and was ask to send info again i did and still no answer after 24 hr i just need an update. because it been clear by my bank for 15 days now  it is a very big investment i hope someone can help me asap.

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