Why is my order still unconfirmed even after I paid?




  • Surasak Srisangkhan

    Hi Support,

     I'm paid 4 order in one transfer and please update ticket 103954 to confirm order please.

  • Greyworld

    Problem fixed.  Thanks Bitmain!

  • gabriel

    Hello i paid my order and i didnt reciece cnonfirmation or response. Mi order is 0012017011900119 please contact me for support. regards

  • albertonieviv

    Hello, I paid the Order 0012017081103813. But still I have no confirmation.

  • Edmon Uyan

    You may try to reach them out via their twitter and facebook accounts as well.

  • roma76

    All greetings, judging by the comments, they threw us all here? I also created everything as in the instructions and the sense of not ordering the order and weighing is not confirmed, but admins are simply silent!

  • Rodrigogmg

    Paid for 8 machines using LTC - Status are showing as PAYING even with blockchain fully confirmed transactions as you can see inside blockchain. Order ID 0012017071800738

    Sent a little bit more today to see if transaction confirm 100%, but still no changes.


    Please someone check and confirm my order!


    Hi, my order ID: 0012017081103828
    its paid but no confirmation and looks expired
    please update my order
    Thank you.

  • Jesus Alb Vegas

    BITMAIN Order Detail

    • Order: 0012017071301321
    • Date: 2017-07-13 21:33:48

    Payment Transaction Reference

    • Transaction Reference Number: 20171950047625
    • DATE: Jul 14 2017 9:24 AM EDT

     Please, I need my case to be resolved as soon as possible since this transaction took place more than 11 days ago and my order appears expired and funds have been debited from my account, thank you

  • Spbcargo

    Hello Bitmain!

    My Order ID is 0012017080304897. I did pay for it at 3 August via SWIFT wire transfer and immediately provided transfer proof. But after one week my order still have "Paying" status.

    Please correct that status. Or tell me what else I must to do for achieve it.

    Hope you will help me.

    Best regards!


  • Greyworld

    Problem fixed.  Thanks Bitmain!

  • Nimre

    Hi, my order number is 0012017080301598.  My payment via LTC for 4 x D3 reads as paid but expired.  Please look into this and update the status.  Please provide confirmation or let me know what is going on with the order. Thank you very much.

    Here is the proof of payment in the blockchain:



  • Lali Svanidze

    Dear All,

    I' have transferred required amount according to ORDER No. 0012017051000163, when I get Payment Confirmation?



  • Greyworld

    [ EDIT ] Payment has been confirmed after five weeks, I've removed my original post because now I'm happy the issue has been resolved.  Thanks Bitmain!

  • Cristianromania

    Here is the proof that I have paid the Order ID:0012017081801272.
    I ask Bitmain to go to https://chain.so/ and search for my Litecoin address:LV4uePGqvjmnzFwtuSQnt572HAntp6zkf2
    They will see that is "CONFIRMED": at Aug 18, 2017 at 01:04.

    So ,it's so easy to verify ,but unfortunate they don't want to do this.
    They just ask us to send the LTC to their address and that's it! They have cheated us knowing that we can't make anything to recover the money.
    This means to deal with Bitmain!

    From now on stay away from this company!

  • Artyom

    Hello, please send proof of purchase to my email.
    Thank you.

    Order ID


    Txid: 0eb6434e84c2c59df62d39b4af6ebd54ab639301c8b9a10d712a02c2bfd0451a

    Txid: 17292d3f5ae5c556095740d54386a3060f9847207e747ac0ddab187268a4cdaa

  • mohdfaisalkhamli

    Tq Greyworld, 

    I hope my issue e will resolve like you. 

    You paid in Bitcoin or USD?


    My order ID: 0012017081103293



    My order ID: 0012017081104499


    I paid immediately  with bitcoin last night and and the transaction is already confirmed on blockchain.  Please update my order status.



  • Rene J

    Order ID:0012017081109756
    - is pay as well no confirmation and also my order is listed under expired  and unpaid on the website.
    Please update my order status.

    Transaction ID:

  • optlasuta

    Hello everyone, 

    I also have a problem with the payment and asked for more info on the issue from the bitcointalk forum; apparently these kind of problems are often but they are resolved eventually, so hang on, be patient and ask for assistance by opening a ticket on their customer support if needed.

    I'm still waiting for my order to be confirmed, but I'm confident that it will be properly handled after I received the answer from customer support.

  • 아이엔지


  • Greyworld

    Thanks for the suggestions, they won't fix anything though.  Bitmain knows they're crooks, telling them they're crooks won't change a damn thing.  They expected as much when they started robbing people.

    The whole things got me depressed.  Mining Bitcoin was my last ditch effort to try to pull my life out of the gutter.  Now I owe the bank money for a miner I don't have and won't get, I have no income and I'm tired of being a burden to my family.

  • ozzysosa

    I have the same problem. 

    I paid the order 0012016062500051 (2016-06-25) before the corresponding time and did not appear as paid.


    Thanks in advance.


  • adam88798

    I have paid for the  order ID 0012017070301686 &  0012017071001458 and already provided that fund transfer slip, no confirmation email of payment from bitmain

  • cmea32

    8 weeks and still waiting for payment conformation! Order ID:0012017070601482

    It's been 8 weeks since i wire transfered to Bitmain and im still waiting for payment conformation. I have opened tickets with support, I have given all information asked for in the automated ticket response ie. Order Id, Bank account name, Senders Name, amount transfered and wire transfer bank receipt, only to wait another 1-2 weeks for another automated reply asking for the same information i have already provided. I have spoken to my bank and they said the wire transfer into Bitmain's bank account was successful. I dont know what to do if no one from Bitmain reads your replys to your tickets so they can approve your payment. Is there anyone else that waited longer than 8 weeks for there payment to be approved? My order is meant to be shipping out between the 21st - 23rd of September, but i can't see that happening if my payment doesn't get confimed. Has Bitmain taken my money??  What do i do?

  • Abdalla-fadel

    My Order ID:0012017080304141 in 2017-08-03 09:34:51 
    End my Order Time in : 2017-08-03 10:34:51 
    My Payment in : 2017-08-03 10:25:01 
    My Transactions Linke : https://blockchain.info/address/19X4qRPmZoE1WxAJnuijN3LrAAhQWkj7m9 
    in my Address : 19X4qRPmZoE1WxAJnuijN3LrAAhQWkj7m9


    I made a payment and the order was not confirmed, Please confirm my order

  • dario

    Hi, just paid but the order shows up as unpaid and now expired but the transaciton in confirmed:



    pls look into the issue

  • Henry Le

    Order ID: 0012017081106906
    (1x) Antminer D3 - Shipping :1-15 Nov
    (1x) APW3++, November Batch

    Order ID: 0012017081108192
    (1x) APW3++, November Batch

    Please check and help with this order. Thanks a lot!

  • Asadullah G Khan

    my order Order ID:0012017081701214     is paid as well no confirmation email of payment from BITMAIN after 5 days

  • Lango

    Solved, thank you Bitmain!

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