Why is my order still unconfirmed even after I paid?




  • Caseytaylordotcom

    I sent payment 18 days ago and still haven't received any confirmation.  I have written them via email, twitter, and facebook but still nothing.  I would be hesitant in dealing with this company in the future.  I consider that money to be lost and will be ordering from somewhere else.

  • Greyworld

    my order id is 0012017070502618, I sent payment 6 days ago and now my order is marked 'expired' but no payment has been confirmed yet. 

    [ EDIT - UPDATE ] - My payment was confirmed, but it took a while (roughly 5 weeks).  Thanks Bitmain support for helping me get this sorted out.

  • Artem Zinchenko

    Order 0012017071200128 has been paid . no confirmation e-mail and order status didn't change



  • Edisher Jikia

    Please confirm my payment for Order 0012017071401621

    Thank you

  • adam88798

    I have paid for the  order ID 0012017070301686 &  0012017071001458 and already provided that fund transfer slip, no confirmation email of payment from bitmain

  • Rodrigogmg

    Paid for 8 machines using LTC - Status are showing as PAYING even with blockchain fully confirmed transactions as you can see inside blockchain. Order ID 0012017071800738

    Sent a little bit more today to see if transaction confirm 100%, but still no changes.


    Please someone check and confirm my order!

  • Krypto Mine

    The same for me. My order ID: 0012017071800903

  • Greyworld

    [ EDIT ] Payment has been confirmed after five weeks, I've removed my original post because now I'm happy the issue has been resolved.  Thanks Bitmain!

  • AVatseba95

    Dear "Bitmain Company" my ID Order: 0012017070300857 status is unpaid more than 2 weeks.
    I send you a confirmation of payment my ID Order.

  • Samkharadzelasha

    my Order ID:is 0012017070800632 i has paid money second day after reservation. still is expired writen in my account by attaching file i send you bank papers everything is correct. , please check it again and write me why is not paid in my order list.

  • Samkharadzelasha
    SamkharadzelashaToday at 13:11

    my Order ID:is 0012017070800632 i has paid money second day after reservation. still is expired writen in my account by attaching file i send you bank papers everything is correct. , please check it again and write me why is not paid in my order list.

  • Philipp Black

    Hello i also pay in time but it shows me expired,
    Order ID: 0012017072500791

    Transaction: https://blockchain.info/tx/3442b201aaebe9df49b7d0c46ba64a53b93f5fcff13c427b74a5c578d53e695f

  • Jesus Alb Vegas

    BITMAIN Order Detail

    • Order: 0012017071301321
    • Date: 2017-07-13 21:33:48

    Payment Transaction Reference

    • Transaction Reference Number: 20171950047625
    • DATE: Jul 14 2017 9:24 AM EDT

     Please, I need my case to be resolved as soon as possible since this transaction took place more than 11 days ago and my order appears expired and funds have been debited from my account, thank you

  • Protosspc

    Order ID:0012017071800896

    Wire sent via Bank Of America 


    Many days ago I sent this wire... account still says not paid...please adjust.

  • Greyworld

    [ EDIT ] I'm removing my original post because my payment was confirmed.

  • Jorge Mantecon Aguilar

    why my order has not been confirmed for more than a month since we pay. 

    We made the order the day 06/20/2017. Register your company at chase bank on day 06/21/2017 And sent the wire transfer on day 06/22/2017.

    We would like to know what happens with our money as well as with our order.

    This is the second time we send the order number as well as the transfer data.

    Since we made the transfer more than 30 days passed,whitout receiving a response from your company. We demand that you respond as soon as possible and also show that this channel of communication between the customer and your company is not serious.

    BITMAIN Order Detail

    • Order: 0012017062000568
    • Date: 2017-06-20 19:25:49
    • Total: 3494.22 USD
    • Payment method: USD Payment

    Your order might be canceled if we fail to receive your payments within 3 working days.

    Please send your dollars payment as follows:
    Amount (USD):
    Beneficiary Name(Recipient):
    (IMPORTANT!: if the beneficiary name is incorrect,our bank cannot assign the funds to our account)
    Recipient Address:
    21F, TESBURY CENTRE, 28 Queen's Road East,Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    Account Number:
    Name Of Bank:
    Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited Shenzhen Branch
    (IMPORTANT!: You must include the order id in the bank deposit message in order to credit your account.And do not mention Bitcoin or Antminer at all in the deposit message.)
    Bank Address:
    11/F Tower A, Kingkey 100 Building, No. 5016 Shennan East Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen,China
    Choose "PAY ALL FEES" when you wire payment

    As soon as your payment is received in full you will receive email confirmation with order delivery details.

    Order Details

    Product Name Price
    Antminer S9-13.5TH/s × 3
    Shipping: 16-21 August
    3339 USD
    Discount: 0USD
    UPS 155.22 USD USD
    Order Total: 3494.22 USD

    Customer details

    User Name: Alas Freight & Cargo
    Telephone: 7863400722
  • Greyworld

    [ EDIT ]  Extremely angry post removed by me, original poster, because Bitmain did finally confirm my payment.  All is well.  It took about 5 weeks.

  • summonernova

    Order ID:0012017080204875 paid in full and still not confirmed.  i paid and it went through so why has my order not been confirmed

  • Abdalla-fadel

    My Order ID:0012017080304141 in 2017-08-03 09:34:51 
    End my Order Time in : 2017-08-03 10:34:51 
    My Payment in : 2017-08-03 10:25:01 
    My Transactions Linke : https://blockchain.info/address/19X4qRPmZoE1WxAJnuijN3LrAAhQWkj7m9 
    in my Address : 19X4qRPmZoE1WxAJnuijN3LrAAhQWkj7m9


    I made a payment and the order was not confirmed, Please confirm my order

  • Nimre

    Hi, my order number is 0012017080301598.  My payment via LTC for 4 x D3 reads as paid but expired.  Please look into this and update the status.  Please provide confirmation or let me know what is going on with the order. Thank you very much.

    Here is the proof of payment in the blockchain:



  • pfilia

    I have the same problem. orderid 0012017080304972 (txid 28a09e39ac04c8fbd53dfc5ae4fc4cc6be403c42c0d0dbf7eec0ce16f87b30c6).

  • Greyworld

    [EDIT] Extremely angry rant removed by me, original poster, because BITMAIN FINALLY CONFIRMED MY PAYMENT!  Yay.


    Anyone else in a similar situation: It took me about 5 weeks to get this resolved, but they did eventually fix the issue.

  • Artem Zinchenko

    my orders 0012017080305649 and 0012017080304910 was payed on next day after ordering, transfer proofs are downloaded but still unpaid status in order lists. check pls

  • Lango

    Solved, thank you Bitmain!

  • Narongrit Ka

    Hi Bitmain,

    I have already made the payment for Order ID: 0012017071500052

    Please find attached the payment order for L3+

    we no confirmation email of payment from bitmain.

    Thank you in advance. I look forward to your response.


  • mohamed rabie mahmoud
    Dear Sir,
    I did order for Antminer l3 on 2017-07-10 14:20:22 Order ID:0012017071001329and i did the transaction by Bank transfer on10/07/2017, till now i didn't receive any confirmation email from your side.
    I'm waiting to hear from you ASAP.
    Please find attached transaction
    Best Regards,
    Mohamed Eldash

  • Surasak Srisangkhan

    Hi Support,

     I'm paid 4 order in one transfer and please update ticket 103954 to confirm order please.

  • MabF

    Hi Support,

    I've sent the wire transfer and I have been notified that it was received by your bank. Please update my ticket.


    My Order ID: 0012017080304168


    Thank you!

  • Revoluzion Technologia

    Hi Support,

    I've paid my 5 orders in one wired transfer and upload the proof, but so far only 1 order been verified, below are my orders details:

    1) 0012017080302260 
    2) 0012017080303225 
    3) 0012017080303997 
    4) 0012017080304344 
    5) 0012017080305208

    Please update ticket #107018 and verify the payment for rest of the orders, thanks.

  • Zurab

    I have payed on monday and  provided the proof of transfer with pic and swift,  but my order has been expired, Please make it normal again and confirim payment. Money must be already on your account.
    2017-08-02 10:07:39 Order ID:0012017080203233

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