Why is my order still unconfirmed even after I paid?




  • Myroslav

    ORDER ID:0012017060800010

    Payment process started on 06/09/2017

    Ahead 2 non-working days. My order will not be canceled?

  • Almn22

    order id 0012017060701408

    wire transfer completed day after order placed but now order says expired

  • Myroslav

    Code SWIFT: MT103  TRF17009281

    ORDER ID:0012017060800010

  • Fassbenderarick

    Is it possible you put order ID in the wrong place on the wire transfer instead of purpose of payment you put it under instructions?

  • Любомир Киселов

    Paid everything on 25 of may still waiting for confirmation I have presented and attached all the documents...

  • Gentian mema

    Hi,i made the payment of my order nr.0012017060500594. 8 days ago,and i still have any confirmation.

  • newyorker

    i transfer money next day but i think bitmain count saturday and sunday also and same day june 9 2017  fri i sent a copy of transfer order number attached and money taken from my account 
    it was june batch now it is says (and now it is $121 cheaper)
    order expired ??

  • ArmtiageID

    I've opened a support ticket. Thank you.

  • Lien Tran

    My order is 0012017061000475

    I have the same problem.

    Please check it for me

  • Pavlo Kovalchuk

    I paid for an order but not received confirmation 0012017060600175

    sender name,: Andriy Volyanyk

    Please see the confirmation from the bank

  • Jhon Micky

    I made the payment of my order number 0012017060600958, 8 days ago and I still have not received the confirmation email of payment from you, I have written several mail, I send you the proof of transfer, I have generated tickets and I have not received any response. And i don´t understan why my order expired?  

    Thanks for your coming answer.


    After writing the above, 9 days after making my order, I received the confirmation of payment response. Do not worry about all the comments you see here, Bitmain responds to your private emails. Regards

  • Любомир Киселов

    MY ORDER has been paid before 20 days I got reply that they are checking it 8 days ago and since then not even replying on my tickets. ... I feel fooled. ..

  • Viboon102

    I paid for an order today waiting confirmation my order number 0012017061600445


    Please see the confirmation from the bank


  • Usvolk93

    After contacting support my wire was confirmed! Just send them an email and post a comment here. Took about 1-3 days. Thanks again! Cant wait to get my items and post reviews.

  • Usvolk93

    After contacting support my wire was confirmed! Just send them an email and post a comment here. Took about 1-3 days. Thanks again! Cant wait to get my items and post reviews.


    Same problem order id: 0012017061000123. Paid on 12 th June. Waiting 9 days.

    No answer

  • Kylefedorek

    I'm having the same issue....anyone get confirmation yet I'm really worried an haven't heard from support! Don't want to be told they are sold out or anything I sent payment 3 days ago an still no confirm. My bank told me it's instant an the funds left my account days ago. 0012017061700155 is my order ID. Please look into this.

  • Alex V

    Have same issue. Payed with LTC. I can see the transaction has been processed and coins sent to their wallet and then the coins were withdrawn from the wallet immediately. It's the 3rd day of waiting already. The order status is still "Unpaid, Unshipped, Valid". So they didn't close it yet. I thought LTC is designed for the lightning fast transactions, but not in this case. Really start to think about actually my money being lost or stolen. Hope that wouldn't be the case :(

  • Alex V

    Now, the order has been expired. Is anyone else have similar problems with LTC payments? Bitmain, please respond, this is definitely not the way business should be done.

  • robertdcanal

    Im in the same boat Alex V

  • Vthanh Info

    I paid the bill 0012017061600481 with 41,235 LTC as soon as I ordered, why Bitmain not confirming to me. Now, the order has been expired.

  • Andys

    Hi There,

    Payment made, please confirm order

    I am getting very worried and cant sleep



  • avram

    the same to me Alex V

  • Justin

    I am having this problem today. I paid over two weeks ago and my order is still not confirmed. The payment was sent via wire transfer and was well within the 3 day limit. 

    I have contacted support 2 times with only 1 response (that took over a week to get) asking for proof of purchase. I submitted the proof and still no response....

    So far, the buying experience has not been pleasant, and there isn't much happening that helps me feel confident in my purchase. I am very concerned I just threw my money across the pond for no reason...

    If there is anyone out there in support reading these posts, please help. 


  • Alex V

    After 4 days of waiting I've finally got a reply from support. They said they have found my LTC payment and will request the order validation. Looks like all post-payment steps are performed completely manually based on the FIFO principle (no priorities). Now let's wait for the order to be updated. Hope they still have the thing in stock.


    I made the payment of my order number (( 0012017062100016 )) number
    (( 0012017062000655 )) number (( 0012017062000650 )) number (( 0012017062000046 )) I did not get to confirm what the reason ??

  • Phongdien070714

    I transfer money finish from Wednesday and I also send receipt to you, my order is 0012017061600299
    why now I check my order and it's expired?
    Please let me know how do I do now?

  • Abdul Sheikh


    Can you look at the order # 0012017052300365.

    Order was placed on May 23rd, money was sent same day, it's been exactly one month, order still shows unpaid.

    Can someone please look into it and update me the status.

    Thanks you

  • Stephenn1

    Hi, can someone check order 0012017061600646?

    The bank says that the money was received, but the order status has been set to "expired". Thank you for looking into this.


  • gregori.karflang

    my order id 0012017060901162 still unpaid, but i have paid exactly like invoice sent to me from bitmain, my payment has been confirmed by blockchain, but BELLA say not confirm, its has been 10 business days as yet.

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