How to place an order on Bitmain website




  • Francois

    Same with me, I was able to put miners in my basket but payment process got stuck in a loop.

    How can I pay and order them?


  • Tomislav Dujmovic


    We want to buy 2-4 Antminer S9 or Antminer L3+, depending which is first available. My colleague tried to purchase in last two batches but without luck, they were sold almost immediately. Is there any opportunity to preorder devices, we will pay in advance and will not resell them. This is for our use.




  • Alex Petrof

    My name Alex Petrov ( Russia, Moscow).

    I want will place order by 4-5pcs miners Antminer L3+.

    But websites information than the miners sold out.

    How I can make preorder and when this miners will be free to shipping ?




  • Yohan Budi

    Same problem, when i can place an order?

  • Karix78

    thats some bullshit.  guess if we want one, have to pay ridiculous price on ebay.

  • john

    They took my money and never sent the miner scammers

  • john

    Can't get a hold of anyone it been since May

  • Karix78

    same here.  Cannot order.  i am curious how can other websites already be selling pre-order for future batches?  I guess you have to be part of some inner circle group.  Could sit at my computer and hit refresh, just need to know a date and time.  

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