What shipping options do you offer and what's the shipping cost?

We currently offer courier services UPS/DHL/FedEx as shipping methods. When you place your order, the available couriers services for your country, as well as the shipping costs, will be indicated, you may then select the courier service that you would like to use. 

The shipping costs will vary by the package weight, destination and courier service selected. Do note that all duties/taxes and fees will be at the cost of the buyer. 


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    D Parra Viloria

    Good morning, it would be possible that they sent the order of the two S) and the two Sources of power separately, bone in two shipments.

    Daniel Parra

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    I got the shipment in two packages, S9 and power supply.
    Then i had to pay UPS $22 to get each package a total of 44 USD.
    They claim its because they had them clear customs and send out the documentation for it.

    If all would have been in one package i would have saved $22.


    Just for information


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    What's your shipping term?
    (Refer to inco-term 2010)

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