Can you remark lower value or "gift" on the invoice when you ship?




  • Malkhaz Kobakhidze

    I have send payment but status of order still is "Unpaid".

  • Zelimkhan Abitaev

    Will my purchase has any problems in shipping at the border of the Russian customs?

  • Gentian mema

    Hello, I bought 5 l3 devices, I made a bank transfer on June 5, but I have not yet received confirmation of where the funds came or not. I'm waiting for the answer.thank

  • MatisVladis

    If I pay in bitcoins, you indicate in the documents the price in dollars?


    thank you for topic, I undertanded


  • Yooomafiotu

    Hi,why on my orders tab show me that i pay only 1208.77 USD and i send you the exact amount 1243.77 USD and  i send you the payment doccoumet from the bank  where you can see the exact amount that i paid 1243.77 USD. Thanks i wait answer from you.My order id is 0012017061900524   

  • Andrey


    Why no one cangive my answers for my questions?

  • Wali Trading Company786

    Dear sir
    hellow how are you .sir it is possible you send minner dismentalling .i mean all parts open and send parts not show minner.

  • Jorge Mantecon Aguilar

    good morning. 

    Already send the transfer from Chase Bank to Standart bank at Hong Kong China, Today 06/22/2017.

    Transation number: 5018397248



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