Possible problems and solutions for S7, S9 (fixed frequency) & L3+




  • Eko Riantono Ext

    how this my issue

  • Ralfcol

    Hi, mi new S9 it doesnt works with the 3 has board, i can see one of them in the miner status.  What can i do?


  • nestor

    Hi, my S9 after working a few weeks is only detecting 2 hashboards. I tried switching the hashboard to a good miner and wasn't detected either. Also switched a good hashboard to the bad miner, and was working Ok. I believe the hashboard is broken, I can't get it detected in any of my miners. Should I send it to repair?

  • Barbara

    Dear Ralfcol, 


    If you have not already done so please email us at support@bitmain.com. We can help you with your specific issue.


    Best regards,


  • Rafael Vargas

    I'm having trouble with Issue #7.  I get the hardware version x.x.x.x and no "miner status" information.  however, when i run a reset, the information is shown for a while, about 01 minute then it goes blank again.  The information shown with the default settings is between normal, no x's found on ACIS Status, and Temperature around 50ºC.  

    I've been looking for a firmware update, but i'm not sure wich one to install.  Curious thing, I own 02 Antminers S7, and both came up with the same issue at the same time.  so i do not think it is related to hardware problems

    Any information you can provide will be very helpful

  • Barbara

    Hi Rafael. Thank you for submitting a ticket. I have responded to the ticket with the information that you requested. 

  • Hector Uzcategui

    Hi, i have an S9, and one of the boards showme a lots of "x", then i restart my miner, from the control panel, now the board doesnt turn on. Only two of the 3 boards turns on the red led in the board, and the damaged card does'nt start, load or turn on. I need to remove the damaged board to send it bitmain. Please help.


  • morillocioce

    I have my s7 cards have been damaging, sometimes when the frequency of 700 to 600 step back on sometimes not and in one of the cases the card comes on but the s7 does not have the same power does not reach 4.73

    note:in this example the machine had only on card put it at 600 and set the 3 then appeared 3 lit and at the time under the speed restart it and put it in 700 and was thus

    note:in this case the only way to start the first card was to put the frequency in 600 and yet not hashea at the speed that should

    so I have several cases as well and need to find a solution because you will understand I made an investment and thus won't be able to recover it



  • Jason

    All 17 of my miners stopped working at the same time and now say "socket connection failed,..."  Please help!

  • santosrmariai

    Good morning, I request your help since my S9 has presented a problem.

    The temperature of the third hashboard is no longer displayed and two groups of zeros have disappeared in the ASIC state. This has caused the hash rate to be less than normal, obviously the hashboard does not work properly.

    Reset the S9 and the values will not be reactivated.

    What can I do to resolve this situation? What is happening?

  • usdollar1977

    I am able to get a IP address on my L3+  But I am unable to connect via the PC to the Backdoor  portal . Air in fan spins at startup the exhaustr fans spins toward the end of the boot process at high speed only. the inter net lights flash green then they go out then come back and then I get a Blinking red light and it turns into a solid red light. PLEASE PLEASE Help Me. Most gracious. 

  • Barbara

    Hi, please submit a support ticket so that we can help you troubleshoot. You can submit the ticket right from our web site. 

  • Evgeny Breytman


    I have a problem. Chain # 6 is not shown in the tabs "Miner status".
    Chain # 7 does not show the temperature of chip 1 and chip 2.
    GH / s (rt) - 10995.


    I turn on the s9, the red led light on the chain # 6


    What should I order for repair? I still have a guarantee.

  • Edward

    Same issue for me #6. One of my hashing boards does not show up or work anymore. It seems many of us with S9's are having this problem right now. I'm so upset. I put so much into this. What do I do now? Can't you just send me a replacement hash board asap please? 

  • Edward

    I am seeing multiple people this month with the same problem as me, One hashing board and temps and zero's no longer show up or works anymore. Has this problem been addressed for anyone?

  • Barbara

    Hi Edward, please submit a support ticket so that we can help you troubleshoot. Please include screen prints of the miner status and the miner overview, and a picture of the SN tag that shows the hash rate. 




  • Edward

    Yes I have submitted support tickets and I just added screenshots in the reply section of the support e mail. Can you confirm you have received it? I'm so stressed out over this right now been up all night. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Evgeny Breytman

    Edward, hi.
    They will not send you a new card (panel), I was told to ship the device entirely to China. You are lucky, there is a service center in the USA, but in Russia there is not. I asked to send me a fee, I will install it myself. Have refused. I can not send, one of my devices was lost and three months I can not find out what's wrong with my device.

  • Edward

    This is horrible news. It seems like if the other two boards are working fine then sending a replacement board would be the best option. I am still under warranty but I really do not want to send the whole machine back and pay shipping in addition to losing the mining profits and risk more damage or the miner getting lost in the mail. This sucks. I talked bitmain up a lot and referred a lot of friends and now I am really worried. I was told by support when I ordered that these machines should last for years. I've taken great care of it and spent all this time and money for a costly return and headache? So bummed out right now. I don't even want the 2 L3+ I ordered. What's the point if they break so soon and repair is so hard? Wishing I never decided to mine right now guess everyone was right. 

  • Barbara

    Hi Edward, I just sent you instructions to first try resetting the miner. That sometimes fixes the issue and avoids the need to ship the machine for repair. 

  • Edward

    I tried resetting and loading the firmware you sent me and it is still the same problem. One hash board has completely disappeared from my mining status screen and is 1/3 less the hashing power. I emailed you all the screenshots you requested as well, Please help me thank you. 

  • Edward

    I really hope bitmain can do right by me for this. I have been a loyal customer. I have placed several other orders with you and spread a lot of good word about you on facebook and referred many friends. Please help me out on this I have placed much faith in you and am very nervous right now about my S9 I've only had it a few months.  

  • David

    I have new batch of L3+ and 1 of the units hashboard is not working. please send new board.

  • Edward

    I am so upset. I have been patient and followed every step of your repair process with my S9 which is still under warranty. I created a support ticket, troubleshooted with support, was instructed to pay shipping and ship the whole miner to California for repair, which I did. I received an e mail saying repair or replacement of my broken hash board was complete and I would have my S9 back in full working condition in 3 days. I was very impressed by support and the warranty process at this point even though I had spent so much time on this and paid for shipping. Received mu miner yesterday and it is in the same exact condition. It still does NOT work and the same hash board is still broken and my S9 still only hashes at 2/3 of it's hashing power. Why? Why would you put me through all this work and have me pay shipping and just send back the miner to me in the exact same condition? Why? I have been so polite. I have followed all your repair instructions and I am still under warranty. Why are you putting me through so much grief? I don't understand and feel like just giving up on mining all together. 

  • Edward

  • Edward

    As you can see above I shipped my S9 to the California repair facility as it is still under warranty. I was told repair or replacement of the broken hash board was complete. Look at the screen shot of my miner, still broken, the same, actually worse as now the Chip1 temps are missing as well. It was obvious the 1 broken hash board was the issue yet you made me pay and ship the whole miner to you instead of simply sending me a replacement hash board. And then after I pay shipping and send it in for repair as instructed you reassured me it was fixed. Why did you just send me back the miner with the same broken hash board? I don't get why you would do this to me?

  • Edward

    What do I do now?

  • Ceo

    buy more 

  • Edward

    Yeah bro I want to but I need to know they will honor the 180 day warranty first. I would have already ordered more D3 and the new S9 that is releasing but I need my original S9 under warranty fixed first bro.

  • Edward

    Yeah looks like my mining project is over. Now I gotta call up all the friends I referred and give them a heads up that the warranty is fake. Very sad and disappointed with bitmain. I can't buy any more products and expand if they can't honor their warranty. I followed all their directions and paid to have the miner shipped and they didn't even try to fix it they just sent it back in the same condition and now they say I need to take it apart, take pictures of it, and pay AGAIN up front and ship it back to them. I'm starting to feel like the whole warranty is a run around scam. This sucks.

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