Possible problems and solutions for S7, S9 (fixed frequency) & L3+




  • atarjono

    Has someone any idea whats wrong with Chain 7?

    I already switch the cable and PSU.

  • ALeXs

    Hello, I have been using the Antminer S9 for a long time, and it's very pleasant to work with you, but today I had a problem when I want to go into the configuration configurations. The error 404 - Not Found, could you help solve this problem in advance thanks

  • Dmitry Vulf

    After the installation of the latest upgrade on my D3 miners. Some of them started showing very odd results:

    5840 +5644 should  be 11484 but not 17200. Strange math from Bitmain. Tired of struggling with this faulty production.   

  • Kenneday


    my antminer a3 didnt show chain# 3

  • Radim Suchopar

    Hello to all...

    I have a problem with S7 and S9 too

    The miner works without hash rate and all on miner status look OK. Have anybody idea where can be the problem or whot can I do for detect. Thanks

    The hash rate of S7 is normal around 5,4 TH/s (54 ASIC on each board) Now is hr only around 2 TH/s. 

  • sceptre2564

    Hi Radim Suchopar,

    Your discarding 90% of the shares your given to solve, this could be a connection issue or could be something wit the miner. Not sure how to fix it if its the miner, if its internet- check all the ports in your router


  • Radim Suchopar

    Thanks for idea

  • sceptre2564

    Your welcome, hope you get it figured out, I have had boards crash and show similar signs but not discarding shares like that. good luck.

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