Possible problems and solutions for S7, S9 (fixed frequency) & L3+




  • Kab28

    Short version: If you have an ASUS router with AiProtection enabled, in particular the malicious sites blocking, it's blocking the S9 from connecting to the various pools and preventing the miner from fully initializing.  I disabled this feature on my ASUS router and my S9 is functioning normally. 

    Long version: Like many others, I received an Antminer S9 from the December batch and the Hardware version and BMiner version were both blank.  In addition, the Miner status page was also blank.  Upon reviewing the Kernal log, it displayed the "bmminer not found, restart bmminer".  I spent days reinstalling different firmware, swapping out hash boards, trying different PSUs and finally opened a ticket with Bitmain but they are so backlogged with tickets, I decided to keep troubleshooting.  Hope this simple fix helps someone.

    My problem: 

    My solution:

    My results:

  • Lotdespconsulting

    For   "bmminer not found, restart bmminer"    ,  check  your  "Miner Configuration"  tab,  if you can't select  the Frecuency selector.... you need apply  Firmware (Auto or 650),  then check it again,  if Freq selector appear..... just  check  your Pool setup , restart  and wait 5-10 min  to got connection.  

    Not connection.... message its normal that appear when you turn off the S9,  it take some time for sync.

    P.D. I have checked it take around 10 MIN.  to got sync and connection, so you have to be some patience!

  • Japs85



    mine L3+ start instanntly or so to mine. but than its stop after few few shares and i see one of the 2 fan go like 800RPM while the other fan is around 3000RPM.


    in to kernel log look like this fan make something stop couse it cause an error of temperature. As picure shows it's fan2.. if I invert cable it became fan1 to go slow so i guess it's a defective fan.


  • Ivan Vilacha

    Hi Kab28..

    I have that problem with my S9 it is from my router it was working but since yesterday it stopped due to the malicious sites enable ... I don't now how to disable them... can you help me step by step to get to that site you have entered to disable that protection... ?  thank you

  • Bitbitbears

    Dear Customer Support!
    I place my appeal here, because you do not answer tickets, or because I am from Russia or because you do not have a quality product! The number of my ticket 312615 - can check, I've been waiting for at least some answer since December 27!
    Claim: I bought an S9 14T/H on December 14, 2017, connected it, it worked fine - I was pleased and happy. But on December 26, 2017, a hash rate fell. I found a public announcement on the product support website that if a hash has fallen on this model, then you need to make a general reset and update the firmware. I did all the actions on the instructions from the site: https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004448673-S9-Autotune-Hash-rate-is-low, but nothing has changed, I wrote about it detailed in the ticket (with screenshots), but this was just the beginning - the next day my S9 stopped seeing one hash board and no reboots and manipulations do not help, I wrote about this in the same ticket in the same way. I see no answer so far. As a result, I have an S9 with a factory marriage - since the manufacturer posted public instructions - that means the problem in the whole series is probably a bug of firmware or something else. I can not know this - I'm not a programmer or a clairvoyant, I only know that I spent all my savings on this miner because I believed the manufacturer, and now I will be left without a livelihood because the factory with factory marriage and the manufacturer for me spit, no one helped me and did not even answer!
    If I knew how to send a complaint to the company's management, the antmayner would send it, but I do not know how to contact them, the last thing I can do is post this story publicly about how happy I am from buying the best at the moment an asic miner!

    It is especially insulting that all this happens during the New Year celebration, when everyone is happy and receiving gifts, and I received a maynes with a factory marriage and the indifference of the producer! Thank you from the heart!

  • kris kern

    Dear Bitbitbears:

    I am a customer just like you, Do you relize that most of china is on holiday for new years?

    I have left many support tickets, average response time for first response is 7 to 10 days, from then on each question added to the ticket is responded within 24 hours most of the time. If you see one hashboard without red lights on it, it is most likely a faulty (dead) hashboard, and will have to be sent in. After i sent a miner in, it arrived on december 23, of course with christmas i was not expecting them to scan the package right away, by December 28th they issued me a new miner and it is waiting delivery via fedex, the miner is currently 30 miles from my house but everything is shut down for new years.


    Please give bitmain support some time to respond to your ticket be, as yours is not the only ticket they are helping with, Imagine 2000 tickets sitting on your email and you are only one person, Im sure thats the work load if not more of each support agent.


    As for your sob story, Dont be stupid, only invest what you can afford to loose!


    I am a long time customer of bitmain, going on 3 years now, i have had my issues, Never once had a complant, but i read peoples sob stories like yours over and over again about waiting 3 to 7 days for someone to read your ticket,

  • Bitbitbears

    Dear Kris Kern,

    I sent a weave on December 27th, not December 31st. I do not know how to your tickets, and my answer was for 1-2 days.
    I understand that the hash board dead, but to me than from this it is easier? I have not been offered any help or exchange for this hash board, your hash fee is 30 miles away from you, and mine is still in a low-quality device - because I'm Russian!))
    As for my investments, do you think that by acquiring the world's best miner I should expect that it will break in a week ?! I write as it is - I invested, I believed that this is a good reliable equipment, but in the end this equipment breaks down after 15 DAYS! Your miner how many worked before the breakdown? If the BTC exchange rate fell and the profit fell because of this - I would take it for granted and cry as you say it would. And I bought a new device - the best of all on the market and after 15 days it stopped working, and besides, because there is a hidden firmware flaw! You can wait a month for an answer if you like it so much, but I would like to be responded as usual to 1-2 days, as it always was in my case)

  • kris kern

    Bitbitbears, i Live in Levelland tx, United states, My new miner is coming in from china, i started my ticket roughly on the 9th of december, by the 20th i had 7 messages back from support, as my delay i mailed miner back on the 23rd. you sent a request on the 27th, it also says in your site you posted, if this does not fix, mail the miner in to get it repaired, Dont complain and do what it says.


    I have purchased over 45 peaces of equipment from bitmain, i have only had 3 that have died before the 90 day warrenty, all togeath i have had 5 total fualty miners after a 3 year span,  Most of the problem is shipping, the shipping company does not care about whats in a package when they toss it on a truck or plane, Like it says before you start your miner for the first time, shake it lightly and make sure there is no loose heat sinks.


    This being said, I also mine ethereum, I recieved 22 dead gpus in one order from asus, Everyone has there bad batch. If its a dead hashboard (does not show a red light when you start it up) SEND THE MINER IN FOR REPAIR, you do not need to be approved to send it in for repair.

  • Bitbitbears

    Diar Kris Kern, thank you, I understand that you want to help me.
    It's not so simple, when you live in Russia with the shipment of miner all the more difficult than when you live in the US. I can send a miner from Russia to China, but I can not get a miner from China to Russia. I will have to take this miner to the address of an intermediary in the US or Europe and only through him I can get a miner in Russia. It will take at least a 1-2 month and the money will be spent on these shipments approximately as for repairing a hash board in Russia. That's why I wanted to ask the support service to help me and to check my S9 with the help of a team viewer or in a similar way and they told me to send only a hash board fee for the exchange without the miner itself, so I can receive a payment right away in Russia. But they do not answer me and it's natural that I'm upset and nervous.
    The United States is a truly free country and I respect your country!

  • Iraklixarchilava
    @Hector Uzcategui; @connect Hi, there I have the S9 with problem on the third hash board. Antminer's hash rate is only 2/3 of its original power.  Does anyone know of you all hash boards has 2 led lights (R24 - on the bottom & R25 - on the top). Board with problem starts lighting all 2 red led lights immediately when turning on Miner. Two boards without the problem start lighting  R25 top red LED when S9 is mining and R24 is off.
    Please, help if anybody have the same situation, otherwise I have to send entire machine to Bitmain.
    Thank's in advance
  • kris kern


    The boards do have 2 led lights . Only one should be lighting up. Not sure what the problem is with 2 lighting up, at least you know the board is getting power and not completely dead. Try unplugging both the good boards. And use a ribbon cable from a good board on the bad board. I have found one wire pushed out of the connection on a ribbion cable. This can cause the board to not read proper.

  • Iraklixarchilava

    Thank you kris kern, I have tried all option but the result is same :(. 

  • Sheldonpage78

    I also recently got an S9 with 1 hashing board not working. contacted support twice now, first time was a week ago but still no reply.. sounds like from edwards experience best to keep it hashing with 2 boards Instead of 3 rather than having to send the whole unit back, be without mining during that period and still not be fixed.. I dont see why just the faulty part can't be returned not the whole unit... the board is detected, there is no x in all the oooo lines, the board starts to hash but after half hour it goes to 0 hash rate on that board. The other 2 boards are fine. I have tried firmware update, switching power supplies and switching ribbon cables from control board but still has the issue, fans are detected fine. Temperature readings are fine, a bit lower on that board because its not under work load... bit discouraging the quality control and service of Bitmain for a premium priced unit....

  • kris kern


    I recently sent a unit back over Christmas. It was delivered on the 24th of December to the warranty shop. I had my new working mine January 3rd. FedEx is shut down the 1st and second. Or I would of had it the 1st of January. If it's a dead hashboard under warranty you do not need to be told to send it in. Just send it. Warranty work is done for free. The 5 to 7 day wait for a full 13.5 to 14 th is well worth it. Your shorting yourself $12 a day without it

  • Sheldonpage78

    thanks kris, where are you located and what was the fedex cost? and the board isn't totally dead, it works but then stops.. I find it very hard to believe it would be under 7 days for me as that wouldn't be so bad... but from what im seeing of others im expecting maybe 2 to 3 weeks.. just look how long support takes just to reply...

  • kris kern


    I live in the United States, I had to ship the miner from the East coast (new York, we were visiting family for holidays) to the west coast( California). Shipping for my house on the 21st of December. Total cost was another $58 but I put insurance. New miner came from China to levelland Texas United States.

    As I said it was very quick from my experience with a holiday return. I also return a laptop to newegg.com the same day (doa unit) . I am still waiting on the replacement :(

    I was dumb and waited for bitmain support response. I received my somewhat working miner on December 1st. By the time support responsed the bad hashboard full stopped working. It took another 5 days after support responsed of trying something contacting support wait 24 to 48 more hours for another response, try something else wait for response again, and so on.

    I understand why support is closed. Imagine the workload of the customer support, people think it's simple ready my response and reply, imagine 20,000 irrelevant support cases open and only 500 related to an actual support case.. then imagine having to help 4000 of those dumb cases just to get to one that matter.
    (For instance how many do you think are asking where is my btc it's not confirmed yet, it's just pending)

    I would give a hand shake to bitmain support, they deserve honor. You have many different language barriers as well that these people deal with.

  • Dmitry Vulf


    The issue has been raised already but I didn't find any response so I'm raising the issue once again. 

    S9, September batch, S9_V2.37   worked from October perfectly until recentelly.  Now every 2-3 hours I see the picture as follows:

    what might be the reason?   and how to fix that?

    Thanks for any ideas.

  • Grand

    hi, Dmitry Vulf, first of all you should check your PSU, if you got another one, replace it, if not, try to swap the plug with other boards, I think it probably work.

  • Ethanjs420

    when i try to update the firmware on my miner it says 

    404 - Not Found

    also socket connection error is shown on the overview and the miner status shows absolutely nothing


  • Grand

    after update, you need to wait at least 10 minutes, maybe 20,  for it starting

  • Dmitry Vulf

    Thanks Grand! it solved the problem.

  • Grand

    great to hear that, thanks for confirmation

  • Japs85

    That's the worst experience I ever made with any product I bought, shame on you Bitmain 10 days to reply to a ticket for what? for copy and paste all info from bitmain forum, if that means to be an bitmain operatore, hey you got one more here!
    And more funny is??
    The operator told me to make some test with other spare part that I don't have... Now I understand why I found a lot of those miner for sell anmd still in warranty. Because no one can deal with bitmain. Unbelieveble even Baikal got a live chat support.

    So guys, the best advice bitmain operator can told you to do is.... the same you can find yourself just by reading the forum.

    PS after gently I replied to bitmain operator make him notice I can read forum by my self... dunno maybe they hope to go ahead like this till my Guaranty end... shame shame shame

  • Mredis80

    Hi...please help me..i just recieved my s9 and i turned on it. But only 2 hashboard are detected..

  • Datecbos

    Hi, i got 3 antminers D3 (December batch). After working a few days one still works Ok, the 2nd detects 2 hashboards and the 3rd is only detecting 1 hashboard. I tried switching the hashboard to a good miner and wasn't detected either. Also switched a good hashboard to the bad miner, and was working Ok. I lowered the frequency to 469 Mhz and also reloaded the firmware. Situation is still the same. I believe controllers are OK but the hashboards are defective. Should I send them to repair?

  • Lotdespconsulting

    Hi guys  i have my S9 working,  but   after apply  the Firmware (the last one in the Bitmain page),  do not appear  the  Freq box option


    Also the "Discarded" shares are growing so fast,  someone know why "Discarded" its growing up ?  thanks!


  • Grand

    it's autofreq, so no need to choose the frequency, and the discarded share is due to your network latency, it always changes, take it easy

  • jose


  • Grand

    just 15 seconds, bpatient.

  • Andriy Ryabushko

    Can I just get new Hash Board? How much does it cost? 
    As I understand there is no support and no warranty. I live in Greece. And shipment of whole machine cost around $350 - $400. How can I get a new hash board?

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