Possible problems and solutions for S7, S9 (fixed frequency) & L3+




  • kris kern

    Grand. Thanks for the info, my I went and checked all 27 of my antminer s9, none read above 57, as I have setup a special room for the miners and another to pump exhaust out.

  • Grand

    sounds great

  • Arif Hidayatullah4545

    Help me
    My D3  after 1 - 2 day chain 2 not working , many HW and hashrate down 0.5 GH -  0.7 GH
    no 1month yet.
    earning very lower :( 


  • mohdfaisalkhamli


    First try update to the new firmware. If still problem then change PSU. If still problem then your board is damage.

    Asal dari mana?

  • Arif Hidayatullah4545

    @mohdfaisalkhamli firmware has been update from bitmain sites ,, PSU original APW3++ by bitmain 


  • kris kern

    Has anyone seen this, on an antminer d3, the hashboard is not showing up but yet its hashing in the stats like its there. Very strange, it was working for over 5 days like this i decided to reboot it to see if hashboard would pull back up.

  • Grand

    ghost hash board

  • kris kern

    Haha Grand, if ghost hashboard only hid the electric usage too :). It's still not showing up, but still hashing away

  • Grand

    control board malfunction, I guess, upgrade the firmware might help

  • Pato

    I received S9 Miners today and try to get them running but it doesnt show hardware and bminer version. In Kernel log it says all the time

    bmminer not found, restart bmminer ...
    bmminer not found= 2800 root       0:00 grep bmminer

    bmminer not found, restart bmminer ...
    bmminer not found= 2807 root       0:00 grep bmminer

    firmware latest from august

    please help

  • kris kern

    Pato, if you look right below that if it starts saying other things, bmminer started. Try doing reboot, or flash new firmware and factory settings. After many reboots mine finally starting working

  • Pato


    its a 14th miner

    i made hard reset and put 650m software -> shows socket connect error

    rebooted many times nothing chamnged

    now did hard reset and put auto firmware

    it is now online for 55 min and is testing all the time


    asic[00]=912    asic[01]=912    asic[02]=21    asic[03]=912    asic[04]=912    asic[05]=912    asic[06]=912    asic[07]=912    
    asic[08]=912    asic[09]=912    asic[10]=912    asic[11]=911    asic[12]=912    asic[13]=912    asic[14]=912    asic[15]=912    
    asic[16]=911    asic[17]=455    asic[18]=912    asic[19]=912    asic[20]=912    asic[21]=912    asic[22]=02    asic[23]=912    
    asic[24]=912    asic[25]=912    asic[26]=906    asic[27]=912    asic[28]=911    asic[29]=912    asic[30]=912    asic[31]=903    
    asic[32]=912    asic[33]=912    asic[34]=912    asic[35]=912    asic[36]=912    asic[37]=912    asic[38]=912    asic[39]=912    
    asic[40]=912    asic[41]=912    asic[42]=912    asic[43]=907    asic[44]=912    asic[45]=912    asic[46]=912    asic[47]=912    
    asic[48]=912    asic[49]=912    asic[50]=912    asic[51]=912    asic[52]=912    asic[53]=912    asic[54]=912    asic[55]=653    
    asic[56]=239    asic[57]=912    asic[58]=912    asic[59]=911    asic[60]=912    asic[61]=912    asic[62]=469    

    Below ASIC's core didn't receive all the nonce, they should receive 8 nonce each!



    here are listed different cores all the time and the test patten also fails all the time

  • kris kern

    Pato. I had a 13.5 the start showing that same asic (#)#### then a few days later the hashboard died..

  • kris kern

    Pato I don't think the auto firmware is compatible with the 14th miner. But I do not have one to confirm this.

  • Pato

    i have 2 miners and with both the same problen. they are brand new!


    otal valid nonce number:57449
    total send work number:57456
    require valid nonce number:57456
    chain[5]: some chip cores are not opened FAILED!
    Test Patten on chain[5]: FAILED!
    chain[6]: some chip cores are not opened FAILED!
    Test Patten on chain[6]: FAILED!
    chain[7]: All chip cores are opened OK!
    Test Patten on chain[7]: FAILED!
    do heat board 8xPatten for 2 times


    how many times will this test?

  • Pato

    i see that they should not be compatible but the other one from may is not working.

    what should i do now?

  • kris kern

    Pato, are the miners the November batch? if so they are 13.5th, they should say on the box and the serial # tag.

    Check the lights at bootup as in my picture, the middle card doing that same error would have 2 red lights, the dead card has no lights, the good working card has one red light https://p14.zdusercontent.com/attachment/914205/Oe3DbKQtMkvea2sN5bDEqoodf?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..6wd-TG7ChiI9ec-TBTkHhA.LLTGATx7ZbRVsmB8fEJITQYzdMTi4333xf9YI-KhKKyATYFTpF4i7tMVcOjPQ1gvwGMFTQWaDtDll64HpTnt6wLOHvAk8cEvf_QZNhFVghx2MsGBRdOzBdgaYM2bulrjpjakjouaxauRIJTiHEsBuCUqqlnaUp7WrJbCOCPwT_u9dxpglc_1CCtKZ_wj5pq-x77rV3Icmdj_yGdZFokZwmIyAWUhFRgLIXWT5er08WSbOzjMTrl7BTG224tRXn5I2XZxYcK-D6_8MGSRE1G-lbPDDmSra757OiOLIASXTlg.i4HNZ-6hjTJ4cwelWN_0_Q

  • kris kern

    Pato, i had to send this miner in the picture in for repair, i received it on December 8th, it didnt work from day one, I submitted a request on here https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    I was told to do many steps then was told to send it in for repair.

  • Pato

    is there any way to check witchh batch they are?

    in kernel they state 14+- TH and on the miner itself it also says 14 TH

    all 3 cards have 1 red light

  • kris kern

    Pato, Im not sure how to check witch batch they are. Did you buy from shop.bitmain.com ?

    I Know on my original boxes they have the serial number and show antminer s9 13.5 on same tag

  • mohdfaisalkhamli

    Dear @Arif

    Di Malaysia kami ada service center. Kebiasaanya orang disini tidak hantar miner mereka balik untuk warranty tetapi hantar ke service center untuk direpair dengan bayaran. Sekiranya kamu berminat saya boleh add kamu ke dalam service support telegram group.


    Dear Pato,

    I dont think your 2 pcs brand new S9 cant get to work for the first time. Unless it will work for several hours until it broken. It is very usual for the first time you need to let it run about more than 30 minutes to get it work and check the miner status page. Try also reboot your router, sometimes it has to do with the network connection. You can share your miner status page after restarted router/modem and let S9 run for 30 minutes and more.

  • Arif Hidayatullah4545


    saya dari indonesia

  • Arif Hidayatullah4545



    same problem

    hashrate -1GH/s

    chain2 missing 


    this problem frimware

  • mohdfaisalkhamli


    To test the controller, switch the controller cables between hash boards. If the same hash board shows the issue then the hash board is faulty. If the issue follows the cable then the controller may be faulty.

    Chain missing is usually hash board problem. Need to repair. In Malaysia cost to repair hash board is RM400 per board. You dont need to send the whole miner just send the problem board.


    La primera vez que conecte mi S9, recién llegado, configure pool correctamente y tardo bastante en mostrar Hashrate en el Miner Status y bastante mas para mostrarlo en el pool, pero al cabo de una hora arranco con cierta fluctuación que me imagine era normal por estar empezando, trabajo toda la noche medianamente bien, pero luego ya no quiso seguir trabajando, busque varias soluciones entre ellas actualizar firmware, creando imagen en un SD card, la actualización corrió bien pero destaco que no me muestra Hardware Versión ni BMminer Version y en Miner Status todos los valores dan cero, he dado tiempo suficiente a ver si arranca al rato pero nada, todo sigue en cero y físicamente el minero se ve que esta trabajando perfectamente.




  • Grzegorz Gemza




    hi ERROS IN MY D3

    http://i623.photobucket.com/albums/tt312/mix-system/2013/1_zpsfdqo5zym.jp hi. 







  • Mohammed

    I sent ticket since 6 days , and No response !!!


  • Inkbent

    Submitted a support ticket, but waiting to hear back. Believe that the controller firmware is not right, but can't seem to find a way to use the SD card to reinstall. Anyone have any luck with this, or is it a ship only issue?

  • Joao Kleber Silva Schuenck

    I need HELP! 


    I received my L3 + 22/12, and today it does not work.
    The hash goes up, goes up to 504Mhs but then drops down and gets stuck at 0. The temperature of the chips is also set to 0, after restarting, it reads the temperature again, the hash goes up but drops to 0.

    What can I do?

    I already reinstalled the firmware, tested with another PSU, changed the internet link ... Nothing solved.

    Anyone have any tips?


  • Japs85


    I've received yesterday my new L3+ with Bitman APW3 Power supply.

    It worked fine for just 24 hours, than tonight it's stop mining and red light fault is on.

    I look in to miner setup to the internet connection and it look work fine, I tryed so to Updra the firmware, but same

    after reboot it start mining for few second and it stop. Pool is alive. I restore so to defaul setting, than i notice in to kernel log

    that one of the fan run slow and i see this error:


    Dec 30 14:30:11 (none) local0.err cgminer[374]: cgminer time error total_secs = 1514644211.288557 last_total_secs = 1.000000
    Dec 30 14:30:16 (none) local0.warn cgminer[374]: Failed to resolve (?wrong URL) stratum+tcp://:(null)
    Dec 30 14:30:16 (none) local0.warn cgminer[374]: Failed to resolve (?wrong URL) stratum+tcp://:(null)
    Dec 30 14:30:17 (none) local0.warn cgminer[374]: API running in IP access mode on port 4028 (15)
    Dec 30 14:30:22 (none) local0.err cgminer[374]: Fan Err! Disable PIC! Fan2 speed is too low 0 pwm 20
    Dec 30 14:30:23 (none) local0.err cgminer[374]: Net Err! lastest job more than 2 mins! waiting ...
    Dec 30 14:30:24 (none) local0.err cgminer[374]: Net Err! lastest job more than 2 mins! waiting ...


    I tried to invert cable of fan 1 and fan2 and result the same defective fan give same result.

    has anyone had the same problem?

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