Hash board beyond repair – warranty is void. Do not return

Some types of damage, as detailed below, cannot be fixed and the hash board is considered scrap. These types of damage are not covered by the warranty and the warranty is void. Please do not return the hash board. If the board is returned and found to be in scrap condition the board will either be discarded or shipped back to you at your cost.

The hash board can not be fixed any more and the warranty will be void in below conditions.

1. The hash board is burnt: Because of overclocking or any other reason.

2. The hash board is corroded/oxidized: Because of high humidity or any other reason.

3. The PIN (Silver white cables, marked with red box) of chip is fallen off: Because of either incorrect operation or corrosion.

4. PCB is broken: As a result of any other damage caused by the user.

Thanks for your understanding!

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    Hi, please, can you check again if the hashboard that you are reporting it's mine? the date of your report is earlier than the arrival of my hashboard.
    thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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