Repair payment

1. The repair payment will be automatically confirmed within 24 hours.
2. The repaired products will be sent out within three days after the payment is confirmed.
3. The tracking number will be sent to your  email once the package is sent out.

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    Danny & tanya Aaron

    Ive lost allmost 2 fullbitcoins in the last 7 months can you please tell me how to get it back

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    on October 1st, 2017 I send −0.63566399 BTC to 1iEontqRULyhFE7Qi6vMjYTWx8Bepygsk for order # . Looking Looking at this transaction on blockchain no one has collected these funds.  Employee Chita seems not to understand my request. I would like a refund. at this point.

    When looking at the details on blockchain search it shows my funds sitting there "unspent".

    regarding order number 0012017100101286 

     −0.63566399 BTC to 1iEontqRULyhFE7Qi6vMjYTWx8Bepygsk 

    Thank you

    see below


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