Ordering & payment process (in Russian) /Заказ и оплата процесса




  • Sergey Rusak

    I sent money, and the order was closed !!!

  • Andrii

    How can I get S9 in Ukraine?

  • Antidoter

    Оооо! Переведено на русский язык, очень приятно. Спасибо. Translait on Russia language, it's nice. Thank you.

  • Ramenskoeya

    Как оплатить через paypal?

  • GSR

    Добрый день! Я оплатил счет по реквизитам но забыл указать номер ордера. В банке говорят что оплата прошла. Хотел узнать к вам пришли деньги от меня? Высылаю скан оплаты. Номер ордера ID:0012017070900710

    Good afternoon! I paid the invoice for details but forgot to indicate the order number. The bank says that the payment has passed. I wanted to hear from you came money from me? Sending a payment scan. Number of order ID: 0012017070900710

  • Edward

    Good afternoon, tell me who bought from Alexander miners?


  • Don Defore

    Hello, I conducted 2 transactions with him, though I was afraid of reliability, he had all the documents in order, and trusted him, he called me and received, I trust the sites less. Personally, I found 2 clients from him and got a difference and everyone is happy, so I make a living.

  • Eugeniy

    Good day. Could you, please, help me. I need S9 or l3+. When they will be available? I can pay the price right away or prepay. If there are some requests from other customers on these goods, I'll wait as long as I should. And one more question - When will d3 be available? I want to buy one right away.

  • Edward

    Thank you

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