How to install L3+?

L3 + is the Litcoin miner launched by Bitmain with a large hash rate and low-power consumption. Below are the manual and description of the machine.

Miner specifications

Total hash rate: 504M / S

Wall power consumption: 800W ± 10% (Bitmain APW3-1600 watts power supply, AC / DC 93% efficiency, 25 ℃ ambient temperature)

Power efficiency: 1.6J / MH ± 10% (at the wall, AC / DC 93% efficiency, 25 ° C ambient temperature)

Input voltage: 11.6 ~ 13.0V

Number of chips: 288PCS

The number of plates in the machine: 4PCS

Dimensions: 352 mm (L) * 130 mm (W) * 187.5 mm (H)

Packing size: 445 mm (L) * 215 mm (W) * 285 mm (H)

Weight (excluding packaging): 4.4kg

Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C

Operating humidity: 5% RH-95% RH, non-condensing

Internet connection: Ethernet (cable connection)

Noise: 75dB

Fan: two fans, front fan 4300rpm, rear fan 3600rpm

Miner configuration

Network: the factory default IP mode is DHCP (automatically obtain IP). The LAN should be in DHCP mode. So the machine can obtain the IP and the next step can be configured

Into the GUI: input the IP to the address bar of the page after the machine obtained the IP address. Both user and password of the machine are "root".

Mining pool and worker configuration: L3 + has three addresses for configuration. It is recommended that the first two with the same pool of 8888 and 443 ports, the third use of another mine address. Please pay attention to fill "_" or "." . For more machine, it is necessary to add network segment and the specific network IP. Such as the machine's IP is, set the miners name for fhq_1X99 or fhq.1X99, fhq for the sub-account of the pool. As shown below, the following chart with the use of different " _" "." is to facilitate the distinction between whether A port does not work.

IP settings: choose "static" to set the machine into static IP mode, and then fill in the IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS.

Worker, mining pool, IP, modifying the static IP can be set by software. But the configuration should be after the machine obtained IP and started working.


Batch software download address:

Please download this version of software if the above version of software flashback. This version does not have the function of finding IP and modifying IP.

Software download address:

The use of instructions and precautions

Power supply: it is recommended that a single power supply with a machine. 950W or higher power consumption is recommended. In non-independent power supply case, the four hash boards can be connected to different power supply, but each hash board cannot be connected Multiple power supplies. It is necessary to ensure that the hash boards are finally powered.

L3 + has a total of nine PCI-E interface, one in control board, two in each hash board and all need to be well connected.

Working environment: the proposed ambient temperature is between 10 degrees to 30 degrees. The proposed ambient humidity is about 40%. High humidity and dust accumulation bring short circuit and corrosion calculation to the hash board, which will cause the hash board cannot be repaired.

Network: 1 trillion broadband can hold 200 sets of machine. A machine will use about 500M per month. Please buy network flow according to the number of machine. It is recommended that the user choose static mode, so the machine is easy to be located when there is a problem.

Please ground the machine to avoid the hash board or control board being broken by leakage easily.

It is necessary to use computer to configure the machine. It is preferably of using a laptop with the system WIN7-64 bit, WIN8 or WIN10. Other systems cannot use batch configuration software.

L3 + is with two fans. When a fan cannot be detected, the machine will work for a while and then alarm. Please check the GUI of the machine to see whether both fans are detected.

The machine cannot use WIFI and need to use the network cable to connect to the network.

The machine is equipped with a buzzer. When there are broken network, undetected fan, too high temperature, the buzzer will ring. This feature cannot be closed. The buzzer does not ring can only be removed (Do not remove it except for extreme situation).

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