How to delete/restore your sub-account?




  • Ernest Abdiyev86

    After delete, I cant add the same sub-account, kindly help me

  • Diego MEDINA


    I deleted my worker from my sub account and now i cannot get it back.


    How can i restore my worker?

  • Tonysanchez778

    Same here lol. I have a sub account with a balance but it is not there anymore. I must have deleted it. How can I get it back to settings so that I can add my address and withdraw it?

  • Vanyony

    please help restore sub account

  • christopher

    hello i need help about my settings account please sombady help me 


  • Interkoka

    help me. same trouble.... 



    and add an attantion note ... or something else......

  • Steve Bernard

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  • Nasir

    i add my Sub-account management in bitcoin my  and its also work for BCH .but   litecoin and dash coin my Sub-account is empty and if i try to add that the show me that User  is already exist 
    how to i add the Sub-account in lite-coin and dash ?

  • 이태영


    Sub-Account I want to move the co coin scraped by lty8291 to the exchange using wallet address.
    However, you can not move it by deleting the subaccount.
    Please restore the deleted sub-account
    I am using a new sub-account created.

    Please help us send the sc coin that we dug through the deleted sub-account to the new sub-account.


  • Darian Vavatzanidis

    the support link above to restore LTC sub account is not working. what email can i use to send my ID validation and me holding the request?

  • harlan robinson

    You have people spamming your customer support site with no way to notify the administrator, SMH. 


  • Victor

    No puedo restaurar las subcuenta en DASH por favor a que correo puedo enviar la información que requieren 

  • Fereydoun Gholami

    i locked my wallet address in sub-account , how to unlock it.

    this link not working:

  • Mirnajch57

    No puedo conectarme desde mi computadora en mi casa, pero en otra casa si me conecto por favor me pueden ayudar con este incoveniente ?


  • Max Marin

    Need help getting back sub-account for litecoin. Deleted it not knowing.

  • Pavel

    Нужна помощь в возврате субсчета для zcash.Удалил его ,не зная.

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