How to delete/restore your sub-account?

Note: Please don't delete your subaccount in the Settings of other coins, especially BTC, if you still mine coins in this subaccount! If you wish to delete wallet address, please don't delete your subaccount, otherwise we will still send your earnings to this wallet address. Please follow instructions here to delete wallet address. 

First, please log in your account and choose "Settings".

Second, please click "Edit" and choose "Delete Account" to delete your sub-account "fhq1028".

Third, if you want to thoroughly delete a sub-account, please delete it in the Settings of all coin types. 

Finally, If you want to restore your deleted sub-account, please go to our Zendesk support

system:  and submit a ticket to us.

You need provide your sub-account name and the following information.

1. A clear picture of an official photo identifications. This is usually a driver's license or passport, but can be any government issued picture ID.
2. A picture of you holding the identification.

The security of your Antpool account is something we take very seriously, for your protection. For that reason we require this confirmation of your identity before we make changes to your account access.

Note: For BTC subaccount, you can just click "Add Sub-Account" to add it back.



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    Ernest Abdiyev86

    After delete, I cant add the same sub-account, kindly help me

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    Diego MEDINA


    I deleted my worker from my sub account and now i cannot get it back.


    How can i restore my worker?

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    Same here lol. I have a sub account with a balance but it is not there anymore. I must have deleted it. How can I get it back to settings so that I can add my address and withdraw it?

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    please help restore sub account

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    hello i need help about my settings account please sombady help me 


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    help me. same trouble.... 



    and add an attantion note ... or something else......

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    Steve Bernard

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    i add my Sub-account management in bitcoin my  and its also work for BCH .but   litecoin and dash coin my Sub-account is empty and if i try to add that the show me that User  is already exist 
    how to i add the Sub-account in lite-coin and dash ?

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    Sub-Account I want to move the co coin scraped by lty8291 to the exchange using wallet address.
    However, you can not move it by deleting the subaccount.
    Please restore the deleted sub-account
    I am using a new sub-account created.

    Please help us send the sc coin that we dug through the deleted sub-account to the new sub-account.


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    Darian Vavatzanidis

    the support link above to restore LTC sub account is not working. what email can i use to send my ID validation and me holding the request?

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    harlan robinson

    You have people spamming your customer support site with no way to notify the administrator, SMH. 


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    No puedo restaurar las subcuenta en DASH por favor a que correo puedo enviar la información que requieren 

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