Connecting your D3 miner to Antpool




  • Chaithanya Kumar Viralam Ramamurthy

    Let me know if it works.

  • Chaithanya Kumar Viralam Ramamurthy

    Got my earnings as well.

  • lasha gatenashvili



  • lasha gatenashvili

    i set up my miner but no earning show in dashboard ???

  • Mas Hihara

    I also did not see any movement on my dashboard except the hashrate moving up and down and after a few hours I did not see any profits so I quit and changed to zpool.  Then a few days later I received a small amount of Dash.  ???

    Not sure if I should risk moving back to Antpool or not.

  • Chaithanya Kumar Viralam Ramamurthy

    Same for me...I have setup my D3s to mine on AntPool like 5-6 hours ago. Still now no earnings in dashboard.

  • a_okeil

    When the problem got fixed, did you get your delayed earning? Or just got fixed?


  • lasha gatenashvili

    may be we must change sub account ?  

  • Jmrds23

    tengo todo configurado perfectamente pero antpool no me deposita en ma walet., por que sera?

  • Chaithanya Kumar Viralam Ramamurthy

    This issue was fixed. I had a ticket raised with support, by the time support replied I had my rewards credited to my account. Looks like a temporary glitch and no issues till date.

  • Chaithanya Kumar Viralam Ramamurthy

    Looks good now. I got my dashboard updated. How about yours?

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