Miner Stops Due to High Temperature Protection

This method can be applied to S9, T9, L3 +, when miners send alarms.


Notice: The ambient temperature of miners should be maintained below 35 Celsius degrees.

1. Enter the miner’s IP in the browser, and enter “root” as both the user name and password to login miner’s backstage.
2. Click “Miner Status” to see if miner’s hashrate is normal, if all the hashrate shows zero,it is likely due to high temperature protection. 
Normal hashrate:


Abnormal hashrate:



3. Click “System”>“Kernel Log”, if there is “Fatal Error: Temperature is too high!”, it means miner stops because of high temperature protection.





  1. Cut off the power for 2 minutes and reboot the miner, and the miner will be recovered, but when the ambient temperature gets too high, the miner will still stop because of high temperature protection.
  2. Lower down the ambient temperature so as that the miner’s temperature won’t get too high.
  3. Dust accumulation in the miner will also lead to high temperature protection, please dismantle the front fan to clean the dirt.
  4. If all the above methods are not working, please return the whole miner for repair.
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