Estimated shipping date, when my package is shipped and where is the package shipped from




  • Davit Chumburidze

    2017-08-06 11:17:16 Order ID:0012017080600116

  • Davit Chumburidze

    please confirmed: 2017-08-06 11:17:16 Order ID:0012017080600116

    My tiket: 108329

  • Mario Olivo
    I have problem with my traking number.  I try to track in DHL website and recive this messagge. 

    Some of your queries resulted in an error

    • 157####46 (Duplicate Origin/Destinations): Duplicate shipments with the same origin and destination area are in our system for this waybill. 
    Please verify the correct tracking number associated with my order. Id 0012017061100439 and status Shipped
  • Davit Chumburidze
    Order ID:0012017080600116

  • Davit Chumburidze

    Please confirmation!

  • Davit Chumburidze
    • Please confirmation!  i pay to order banck transfer!

      see atached banck Swift and order transfer!!!

  • Garik


    Order ID:0012017050400093 
     Please tell me when will I receive my order? Why delivery so long???


  • Aekr1

    I have the order 0012017061000003 and it was paid on June. Now I recieved an email from bitmain saying my zip code was bad ( which it wasn't!) and I had to change my address. After I did that I haven't recieved any notification nor email confirming my request. It's been more than 2 weeks and everyday that passes I lose money. I would like you to tell me when I'm gonna recieve my S9 ( 8 of them)

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