• Viboon102

    Order ID:0012017062200413

    Total Amount : 0.048 BTC
    BTC : 0.04700000 BTC
    BTC/USD rate : 2880.47
    LTC/USD rate : 49
    USD/CNY rate : 6.83
      Tme of Payment : 2017-06-22 11:00:40  


    why my order never ship out ? and i have tried contact support never get respond ? 

  • Krotchiv19

    Order id: 0012017072700310
    Same with my case, im waiting for my order to be shipped out and trying to contact support but no answer

  • Sarah

    We apology for the inconvenience. We are doing our best to reply tickets as soon as we can. Please kindly follow the instruction below to check the estimated shipping date.Thank you for your understanding!

    How to check estimated shipping date

  • Krotchiv19

    estimated shipping date is not stated in my status

  • Sarah

    Please click the product information to check.

  • Krotchiv19

    "4. The shipping for this batch will start soon after 1st August 2017, depending on when the units are ready to ship out and your position in the order queue."
    I just want to know the estimated shipping date for my order. Am i going to wait until the last week of this month? I already have my miner with me but i cant still run it because i am waiting for my psu

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