Miner Cannot Connect to the Mining Pool




  • Eddieclsfx

    where to get consult whether the pool was normal?

  • Antonymax1784

    Hi Team Bitmain I buyed a S9 13.5T, and i can't run that...!!!!!!!
    I conected to Internet, dowloaded the firewall, run my equiment, but don't hash nothing....!!!!!!! in the overview .>>> and not connect to the pool...!!!!!

    All is ok but not conect with the pooll and don't hash

    Please help me what can i do...!!!!!!

    Att: Miguel Cruz Tavarez

  • Lavdimi

    Anyone who help me, Today we received a new antminer l3+ but we have a problem with one to connected on the antpool, the miner have a default pool see the pic 1 and 2, but when i change to my pool when i put save&Apply the Antminer l3 goin down see the pic 3, what can i do ? Please help me!

  • Lavdimi

  • Lavdimi

  • Lavdimi

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