Mining in Antpool with your R1-LTC

The Antrouter R1-LTC can mine in any Litecoin pool that will accept its configuration and hash rate. Here are the instructions for mining in Antpool:


First go to and scroll to “Start mining”.

Enter your User ID and password for to log into Antpool.

Select Litecoin at the upper left of the page. Go to the Settings tab and add a Sub-Account via the button on the right.

Then go to the upper right part of the screen to “Current sub account” and use the arrow to select the new sub account.

Go to the Worker tab and add the worker ID.

Then power on the R1-LTC and connect it to your internet router with an Ethernet cord. Find the Wi-Fi access point named “Antrouter” in the wireless access list on your computer. Connect to it and open the management page in your browser with the URL “”. The default login credentials are username “root” and password “root”.

Go to Miner>>R1-LTC Configuration and enter the worker ID that you created in Antpool. Click “Save and Apply”. In a few moments, you will see your worker hashing in Antpool.

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    can we setup the R1-LTC to mine on other pool ?

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