• Umeshpatel2782

    pending my payment

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  • k g krishnamurty

    My transaction for Bitcoin Cash is not appearing in my BTC.COM wallet.

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  • Sarah

    Notice for the payment issue today (the income of mining BTC on 22nd August, 2017) from
    BTC.com_Jane | BTC.com_Pool | 2017-08-23 14:20
    Dear customer, Pool is preparing the Bitcoin Cash (named BCC below) settlement system, which is not running well for now and results in a mistake that when calculating the payment of BTC, it added several earnings of BCC. As a result, you see the number of BTC earning on web page is high and the earning of BCC can not be displayed normally.

       The problem has been fixed now, and the data shown on web page is correct. The payment of both BTC and BCC will be completed as soon as possible. Pool will offer a 2% (under PPS mode) rebate for miners, both BTC and BCC miners, as the compensation for this problem. The rebate time is from UTC 00:00 on 23rd August to UTC 00:00 on 25th August, 2017.

       We are very sorry for this mistake and thank you for supporting
       Best wishes!

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